Dear Criminal Justice Faculty,


Thank you for agreeing to join us at the first Transfer Pathways Summit on Friday, May 18, 2018 at Lansing Community College-West Campus.  We are looking forward to bringing together faculty from across the state to develop a multi-institutional statewide associate to bachelor’s degree transfer pathway in Criminal Justice. Please review the following materials before the MiTransfer Pathways Summit on Friday, May 18, 2018 to maximize your engagement during the Summit.


First, please click here to register for the Summit.


Second, please plan to bring the following with you to the May 18 event:


  1. A laptop computer, digital tablet, or smart phone device to access electronic resources as-needed.


  1. Department/program information to help facilitate cross-institution sharing including:

    • Course catalogs

    • Program guides

    • Course syllabi

    • Current transfer guides and articulation agreements


Third, plan to connect with your MiTransfer Pathways institutional team. Institutions can send a team of 5 representatives, including a transfer liaison and faculty designees for biological sciences, business, criminal justice, and psychology. While not required, we have recommended that your transfer liaison reach out to convene your institutions’ team for a meeting on campus prior to the May 18 Summit in order to get to know one another, review assembled institutional artifacts, and hold a preliminary institutional priorities discussion to maximize the institution’s involvement in this project.


Fourth, click below to review the following materials:


Fifth, click below to review examples from peer states.  States across the country are doing similar statewide transfer pathways work.   A select sampling of completed multi-institutional agreements in Criminal Justice are:


Because of the critical role you will play in this work, we have taken the liberty of subscribing you to the MiTransfer Pathways newsletter that will share updates on this project to a variety of stakeholders around the state as the project progresses. Please contact your sector representative with questions about this information.