Phase 1, Meeting 1 (MAY 18, 2018)

Welcome materials:

Biology Faculty

Business Administration Faculty

Criminal Justice Faculty

Psychology Faculty

Below are resources for the MiTransfer Pathways convening on May 18, 2018.  Materials marked with an asterisk will be printed  for you at the meeting. 


Lansing Community College- West Campus Map


Transfer Mad Libs Table Discussion*

Associate to Bachelor's Degree Transfer Pathways Overview*

Right Math @ Right Time Mathematics Pathways Learning Outcomes*


Mathematics Pathways Briefs


Community College Worksheet (pdf)*

Community College Worksheet (word)

University Worksheet (pdf)*

University Worksheet (word)


Course Equivalency Worksheet*

Course Equivalency Worksheet (w0rd)

Biology Course Equivalency Worksheet

Business Administration Course Equivalency Worksheet

Criminal Justice Course Equivalency Worksheet

Psychology Course Equivalency Worksheet


Course Equivalency Matrices

New (and improved!) course equivalency matrices will be available at when the new Michigan Transfer Network launches at this URL later in Spring 2019. Please stay tuned to view the updated reports at that time.


Attendee List*

Slide Deck (view the slide deck from the MiTransfer Pathways Summit on May 18th)

Pathways Courses (view the courses that faculty identified as recommended first- and second- year courses for each program)

Re-Cap Webinar Recording and slides (view this recording and slides for an overview of the MiTransfer Pathways Summit on May 18th)